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How to Make Vietnamese Coffee – Best Recipes and Tips


The word “coffee” can make you feel relaxed within moments. Yes, it’s this powerful. We all have been adoring this unusual luscious drink for a very long time. It does not end here; there are numerous types of coffees out there that can make say booyah instantly.

Talking specifically about Vietnamese iced coffee, then it takes things to the next level. It’d be hardly possible if you’re not familiar with this great variety. If you aren’t, then don’t it to heart; we are here to help you out in this regard. Why don’t we start from the start? It’d be super satisfying for you to enter a world full of coffee.

It wasn’t that long ago when the locals of Vietnam discovered robusta or called them Vietnamese coffee beans. It was the moment they realized that the time has come to make a significant change. The reason behind that was besides being super-luscious, coffee beans were one of the most selling goods all over the globe.

We aren’t going to waste any further time on the history lecture; let’s talk about the deal you’re here for. Before that, it’d be great if you make yourself comfortable, have some coffee, and start reading about how to make Vietnamese coffee written by Coffeeinblog.

Why Vietnamese Coffee is different from the rest?

You might be wondering what’s so unique about this coffee? Almost all coffees taste the same. But now it’s time we reveal some truths. You’d be amazed by hearing that the most unique aspect of Vietnamese coffee is it possesses some extraordinary characteristics that can affect your taste buds positively. Isn’t it magical? In some ways, yes it is.

It looks like the taste doesn’t really matter for you, so we’ve to convince you more. Let’s put the taste aside and talk about the new style of making coffee. So grab your stuff; you’re going to enter an unusual environment.

Required stuff to achieve what you’ve wanted

If you’re one of those who are familiar with the legends of Vietnamese coffee, then this article might be super-helpful for you regarding how to make Vietnamese coffee. As we know that Vietnamese coffee is made from robusta beans, and it tastes like burnt rubber according to a specific community out there. Do we care about them? Definitely not. We’re going to talk about its superiority anyway.

A special ingredient required to take the aroma of this worth-having coffee to the next level is? A little suspense would be a great option. Stop! Don’t close the page; we’re talking about sweetened condensed milk. It adds a creamy and sweet essence to the coffee. Three things required to make your life a bed of roses are:

  • Robusta Coffee Beans
  • Sugary Condensed Milk
  • The Phin

And yeah, that’s it. Satisfactions will be all yours.

Some details regarding the above mentions stuff

It’s not that hard to get your hands on robusta coffee, condensed milk, and the phin, but finding the best version of it is challenging, especially when you need the perfect results. We’ve got your back, so don’t worry.

Regarding robusta beans, then you can grab the best quality of it from any superstore. It’d be great if you pay special heed to it.

Then, you can get your hands on sweetened condensed milk from any bakery near you. A pro tip would be shaking it up again and again before use. If you’re thinking about what it has to do with coffee, then hold tight; you’ll thank us later.

Last but not least, take special care of the phin when selecting. The reason behind that is a little hasty behavior can ruin your day. And that’s all you need to do.

Follow these steps to make the perfect Vietnamese Coffee

Step 1

Grab your lucky cup, clean it a bit, and set the filter over it. We know how satisfying it feels to watch the whole process; that’s the reason we’d suggest you go for a transparent mug. It’ll take mere 4-5 minutes, but it’ll be a worth-having moment.

Step 2

Use a tablespoon full of whatever you want to add to make the things balanced. Make sure it dissolves in it.

Step 3

Now grab a mug spanner and smoothly place it over the coffee ground. Make sure you fix it moderately, not too tight or too loose, otherwise water will not run properly.

Step 4

Now, you need warm water to take things to the next level. It’d be great if you keep it at 195 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use a thermometer in this regard. Now you can understand how important the temperature is regarding coffee.

Step 5

After a few seconds, put the cup in the phone and wait for 4-5 minutes. During this time, you can check your mail, give your breakfast a shot, or put some new clothes on. The aesthetic Vietnamese coffee will be waiting to make your day.

It does not end here. How to serve coffee can play a crucial role in the whole process. That’s why we came up with the easiest and most effective method for your convenience.

Serve Properly

If you’re one of those who don’t want to miss any chances to impress its audience, then you should go for a classic way to serve your heart-melting coffee.

Like most countries, it’d be great if you serve it with cream or milk. The reason behind that is Vietnamese coffee is powerful, acidic, and bitter. So there are chances that consumers ask for something sweet. If you want to avoid this situation, then 2-3 tablespoons of well-shaken sweetened condensed milk. Keeping a backup plan in mind, you can also serve some extra additives.

After that, things will be bingo enough to make your consumers’ day.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

You might be thinking about how to make Vietnamese coffee without a filter, then leave it to us too. There is no better option than iced coffee in this regard.

Talking about the method, then it’s simple as a piece of cake. The only thing you’ve to do is scroll back and follow the same steps we’ve mentioned above. Just add some more sweetened condensed milk and a glass full of ice. A perfect chilly drink will be right before you.

Morning Deal

Everything aside, nothing can challenge the beauty of the morning, especially when you look at the sunshine holding a cup of coffee. Isn’t it a breath-taking moment? If you feel deeply, then yes, it is. Now philosophy aside, let’s have a glimpse into the morning coffee recipe. You’d need your favorite mug, 1 tablespoon of robusta coffee, 2-3 tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk, 2 egg yolks, and a beater. You can follow the above-mentioned procedure to meet the needs. Trust us, things will be worth complimenting.


Coffee is one of those drinks that has been our companion for a very long journey. Different varieties of it possess different significance. We’ve discussed Vietnamese coffee, the best of all. Made of robusta beans, this strong coffee possesses the ability to make your day. We’ve also discussed its recipe, which is easy as a pie. The only thing you’ve to do is take some minutes, get a coffee maker and gather some other ingredients, and prepare the unusual drink. The satisfaction will be all yours, and you’ll not regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you make Vietnamese coffee?

A: The procedure is as simple as a piece of cake. For your convenience, we’ve briefly explained it in the article above. You’ll need robusta coffee beans, water or milk, whatever suits you the best, and the phin.

Q: Why Vietnamese coffee is different from others?

A: It possesses a unique aroma that can win any heart within moments. In addition, Vietnamese coffee is made of robusta beans, which contain more caffeine than other types of coffee.

Q: Which type of coffee is used to make Vietnamese coffee?

A: Robusta beans can fulfill your needs in this regard. If you’d like to gain more insights about it, we’d suggest you read the above-mentioned article. It is worth your time.

Q: Can we make Vietnamese coffee with a french press?

A: There are numerous methods to prepare the worth-having Vietnamese coffee, and the french press method is one of them. Even the method is easier, so you don’t have to use any rocket science over it.

Q: Why Vietnamese coffee is so strong?

A: It is made of Robusta beans that contain a high amount of caffeine; that’s the reason it is super strong.

Q: Is Vietnamese coffee stronger than espresso?

A: In some way, yes, Vietnamese coffee is stronger than espresso. The reason behind that is it is made of Robusta beans.

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