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How Coffee Boosts your Brain Energy


How coffee can boost brain energy?

Since the dawn of time, both science and medicine have been trying to warn us about the adverse effects of drinking too much coffee can have on us. However, these warnings have and most probably always will, fall upon deaf ears.

One does not just give up on coffee. Health risks be damned!

We live in a fast paced world that demands from us to be just as fast. For most people, the only thing helping them get out of bed every morning to go out into the world and fight on, is their daily dose of caffeine.

So how is it that something so useful, something that is such an integral part of our morning routine be so harmful? Surely, there is more to it? Surely, it can’t be all bad? You’re absolutely right! While too much coffee might be bad for you, there are certainly advantages to drinking it as well!

Here are some scientifically proven ways in which coffee is beneficial and can boost brain energy:

It helps you feel more energetic!

Our brain is a complicated organ. A slight shift in its chemistry can change our moods from contentment to restlessness and our bodies from fatigued to energized. In our brains, we have something called the adenosine receptors. These receptors bind with our neural membrane due to which we feel drowsy and tired.

However, when we drink coffee and ingest the caffeine within it, these adenosine receptors bind with the caffeine instead. This in turn gives us more energy and hence boosts brain energy!

It reduces suicide risk by warding off symptoms of depression!

Perhaps it has something to do with fighting off fatigue and feeling more energetic, but a study conducted by students in Harvard indicated that the risk of depression and suicide was slightly lessened in women that drank coffee daily. Although, there is further research still required to prove this point beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is still a notable inclusion in our list of advantages.

The DNA is strengthened by caffeine

DNA is the genetic makeup of our existence. Sometimes, these DNA strands tend to break and our bodies have a way of repairing them naturally. However, at times this does not always work and we end up with broken strands of DNA that in turn give birth to mutated cells. These mutated cells end up forming cancerous growths.

A recent study was carried out in which two groups of men were tested. One group was told to drink a particular amount of water before going on a morning run while the other group was given the same amount of dark roasted coffee before their morning run.

The results of the study concluded that the group that drank coffee before their morning run had a decrease in the breakage of their DNA strands as compared to the ones that had only water. This study proves that coffee can actually help maintain the integrity of your DNA!

Random food cravings are reduced with the help of caffeine

If you are trying to maintain weight and are prone to falling off your diet often due to random food cravings, coffee is your new best friend. Not only will coffee help give you a burst of energy, it will also help suppress your unwanted appetite.

According to a study carried out in Australia by the Griffith University, this theory rings true. They carried out an experiment in which three groups of people were monitored over time. The first group was given water with their breakfast, the second group received coffee while the third group had decaffeinated coffee with theirs. After this breakfast, each group was closely watched.

The first and third group reported a lot more in terms of hunger pangs and desire for food whereas the second group had significantly less complaints in that area.

It helps burns calories!

Again, for someone trying to lose weight, what better option is there than something that not only gives energy, curbs the appetite but also helps in burning calories?? Coffee is an all rounder no matter how you look at it.

According to studies and surveys, caffeine helps in stimulating the thermo-genesis process in the human body. If you’re wondering what this process is, in laymen’s terms, it is the process in which our body produces heat. Coffee helps stimulate this process further which in turn, helps us burn more calories if you pair it properly with the right type of exercise.

It can greatly help improve one’s focus

We have all heard about that cliché where college students tend to down several shots of caffeine whenever they need to study overnight for an important exam or simply just pull an all-nighter to meet a deadline.

Well, as it turns out there is more fact to this fiction! Studies show that coffee can actually help maintain focus. The neural receptors of the brain are positively affected by the caffeine we ingest alongside coffee and hence out focus is vastly improved.

It is not yet certain how intense or for how long this affect lasts, however, it is without a doubt that if you need a quick fix and boost your focus, this is the way to go!

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Caffeine can make you feel happy!

It may sound ridiculous but it is entirely true! Caffeine is known to affect our central nervous system in a positive light. If you are someone that has coffee regularly, the caffeine you ingest can end up stimulating the brain’s production of dopamine!

We all know that dopamine is the hormone that is responsible for making us feel happy. So drink away and feel happy and productive!

Coffee can have health benefits!

If you are looking for a caffeine hit, you can find it various different types of drinks such as energy drinks and etc. As compared to these, coffee is definitely the healthier choice. Coffee even contains many natural anti-oxidants that can be beneficial to the human body. Not to mention there are certain aspects of coffee that can help one maintain their cholesterol levels as well!

The risk of certain diseases is lowered through the consumption of coffee!

It has been clinically proven that consuming coffee regularly can lower the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Heart problems, Dementia, Type 2 Diabetes, Gout and even Parkinson’s disease.

It can help improve short term memory

Do you suffer from short term memory loss? It is more common than you’d like to think. Have you ever gotten up from your bed, gone into the kitchen only to forget why you went there to begin with? It is probably because your short term memory isn’t that great.
A study conducted at John Hopkins University proved that individuals that regularly drank coffee had better short term memory than those that did not. This is something that is invaluable for those that are studying!

It can help make you more vigilant!

Since coffee can help regulate one’s mood, it can naturally help improve your mood. It is simple common sense. Coffee makes you feel more energetic. When you have more energy, you naturally feel more content.

What’s more is that coffee can help make you more alert. Not only does coffee provoke the brain to produce more dopamine to make you happy, it can also stimulate your brain into producing more serotonin, which can help you feel more viligant!

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