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Can Kids Drink Coffee? Is Coffee Good for Kids


Coffee sounds luscious but is it good for your kid? Especially if you’re a family guy and coffee is a part of your daily life, then it’s hard to decide whether to let your kids drink coffee or not. But now, you’re here, so there’s no need to panic. 

Coffee does have positive effects, and it can make your life worth living, but is it good for your kids? Can your kids drink coffee satisfy themselves by having a cup or two? We know that numerous questions are popping into your mind, and we’re genuinely here to solve all the queries of yours. 

We all are aware of the health benefits of coffee, but it varies with age because if your kid is consuming it, things might go wrong, and of course, you don’t want to let this happen. There’s one thing you need to keep in mind that coffee no doubt has all the positive effects on your health, but in the case of the kids, things are not the same. Now, it’s time to introduce you to the other side of coffee in regards to kids. 

Coffee beans have caffeine, which is the impetus. High consumption of it can lead to insomnia, headache, stomach problems, expanded heart-rate, etc. In the case of kids, even a small amount of coffee can cause problems like these. Affecting both physically, and mentally experts strongly recommend the parents keep the coffee out of range from their kiddos. Also, coffee is one of the addictive drinks, so if you don’t want to see your kid fall prey to it, do the best you can do.”

Now, we’re going to talk about real business. The only thing you’ve to do is to grab something to eat and start scrolling down. 

Should Kids Drink Coffee?

Before we use philosophies, you need to keep in mind that there are no federal guidelines for coffee consumption in regards to the children. It also depends on how old your kids drink coffee.

If he/she is young enough and unable to tell the difference between coffee and tea, then we’d recommend your coffee might not be a good option for them.

But if you want to make coffee a part of their lives, then Canada offers some guidelines in this regard. 

Age for kids to drink coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, and it has negative effects on the kid’s health. That’s why it’d be the best step if you wait until they grow up. Coffee is not going anywhere. 

How Does Caffeine Affect Kids?

Caffeine is malicious for kids and adolescents because it can affect their body’s development. Caffeine is a stimulant because it can cause

restlessness, headache, stress, depression, etc.

Now you can imagine if your kid faces these problems, things could get messy. It does not end here. It can affect your child’s nervous system and cardiovascular system. The reason behind that is the caffeine is not fully-known to these systems at a small age. 

How caffine effect kids

If it’s hard for your kid to spend a day without a cup of coffee, then it’d be great if you take him to a doctor and find out the cause behind that. 

Is Coffee Bad for Kids?

Coffee itself is not bad, but the caffeine in it might not be a good option for kids. It’ll be hardly possible to sum all the disadvantages of caffeine in a single shot, but we’ve consulted experts and found out that there are some common effects that your kid might face. 

Common effects of coffee on kids


Due to the presence of caffeine, your kid can suffer from headaches. Having this problem at a small age can affect your kid psychologically. 

2. Sleep

There’s nothing better for your kiddo than a healthy sleep. Kids need 10-12 hours of sleep every night for a healthy body and mind. But if he or she is consuming coffee, then caffeine will not let a peaceful sleep come into your kid’s eyes. It also can cause insomnia in the future. 

3. Calcium

Caffeine is inversely proportional to calcium. The reason behind that is whenever you consume coffee (containing caffeine), calcium from your body is lost. When we talk about kids, then they need a good amount of calcium for the healthy growth of their bones and other tissues. 

4. Teeth

If you’re one of those parents who don’t want to see cavities in your kid’s teeth, then it’s time to goodbye to coffee. As coffee is an acidic drink, and due to the presence of caffeine, it can be harmful to your kid’s oral health. It can damage their teeth, weaken them, and destroy the protective layer. Sounds terrible? Yes, it should be. After hearing things, are you still going to let them drink coffee again? We hope you don’t. 

5. Dehydration

A growing kid needs a good amount of water for a healthy body. Caffeine present in coffee eliminates the water in the body that can cause dehydration. After hearing, your thoughts on kids and coffee will change. 

6. Stomach Issues

We are all aware of the fact that caffeine kills hunger and a growing kid needs foods for healthy nourishment. Your kid can face stomach problems if he or she is consuming coffee, even just for fun. 

7. Addiction

Coffee is one of the super-addictive drinks due to the presence of caffeine. If your kid falls prey to it, then it’d be impossible for him/her to pass his/her day without coffee. The cravings for coffee will not let them sit peacefully. They’ll suffer from headaches. If you don’t want to see your bunny kiddos in this condition, then it’d be best to farewell the coffee. 

8. Concentration

If there’s too much concentration of caffeine in your body, then it can negatively change your behavior. Especially talking about the kids, then they’re most prone to damage. Because of the hyperactive behaviors, it can affect their psychological health. 

How Much Coffee Is Good for Your Kids?

If your kid is familiar with the use of coffee, then your job is to let them drink a certain amount. And how much is that? If we suggest you, then 45 mg per day would be the best option in this regard. More than it can result harmful and less than it would not be satisfactory for your kiddo, then 45 milligrams are a great option. If still, you’re thinking that it’s low, then scroll up and have a look at its disadvantages. You’ll change your mind. 


Everything has two sides. Before reading this article, you might be unfamiliar with the other side of coffee. Coffee itself is not harmful can kids drink coffee, but the caffeine present in it can affect your health, especially your kids in a negative way. All the experts suggest parents keep coffee away from the reach of their lovely kids. The reason behind that is caffeine can disturb your kid’s health both physically and mentally. Also, you don’t want to see your little ones falling prey to this addictive drink. We’ve also shared guidelines for its use because sometimes coffee is necessary for some specific conditions like exams, and sometimes suggested by the doctors. If you want to see your kids grow in a healthy way possible, then give them everything necessary for their nourishment except coffee. The results will be satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age is good to drink coffee? 

A: If you’re below twelve, then coffee might not be a good option for you. According to the experts, age 12 to 14 is good to be a part of the coffee drinker’s community. 

Q: Can a three years old have coffee?

A: Coffee contains caffeine, and it can cause many problems for three years old. We’d not recommend you to introduce coffee to your kids before age 12. Caffeine can cause headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc. Also, caffeine can kids drink coffee cause serious health problems. We hope that you got your answer. 

Q: Is it good for fourteen years old to have coffee?

A: Adolescents can avoid coffee, but if they’re students and preparing for their exams, then a cup of light coffee sounds a good option for them. But they need to keep this thing in mind that they can only consume 100 mg or less a day. 

Q: Is coffee safe for toddlers?

A: Caffeine present in coffee eliminates water and reduces calcium. For healthy development, toddlers need both water and calcium in excess. The use of ethanol is strictly prohibited during the treatment with https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-valium-online/ Valium. In case of the long-term treatment of renal/hepatic failure, it is necessary to control the picture of peripheral blood and “hepatic” enzymes. Where calcium is good for their bones, water is necessary for their body maintenance and a strong metabolism. In addition, coffee can affect your kid’s mental health. If you want to avoid these problems, then make a good choice in this regard by saying goodbye to coffee. 

Q: What’s the best age to start drinking coffee? 

A: There’s no proper guideline given by the WHO in this regard, although experts suggest that kids above twelve years can get their hands on coffee. Still, the best age would be 18 in this regard. The only thing you’ve to do is hold tight till you get 18 and then kill the waves.

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